Tips for Ramping Up Your Metabolism

Have you been spending a bit too much time on the couch lately? No doubt you’re feeling quite lethargic as a result. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a host of physical ailments. High blood pressure, muscle atrophy, weight gain and quite possibly mild depression. Shake off those blues, extra pounds and ramp up your metabolism by getting back to simple basics with these recommendations from the health and fitness professionals.  The first step is to change your mindset from resisting a healthy lifestyle to considering it as a gift to enhance the overall quality of your life!

Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in several sets of active wear and comfortable athletic shoes from the huge assortment offered by Torrid. Any life style changes that have any hope of producing results AND being sustainable, must be started slowly. Study after study shows that overzealous workout regimes and restrictive diets may have a short term impact but quickly fizzle out due to their extreme nature.

To get started, commit to simply taking a rigorous walks for at least twenty minutes every day. Don’t focus on distance or speed, but put your energy into maintaining the duration of your walk at twenty minutes every day. The initial goal is to simply get moving and establish a habit. Recruit a friend, canine or otherwise, grab your earbuds or just enjoy the scenery. Be sure to change up your path every few days to enjoy new surroundings. After a few short weeks your body will begin to feel stronger and you’ll have an increase in energy levels throughout the day. Once you’re confident you’ve established a solid walking habit, carve out ten minutes five evenings a week for additional exercise. Alternate between stretching and yoga style exercises on one evening and basic weight lifting on the alternate evening. It’s a great idea to spend an hour with a personal trainer at your local gym or community center to learn proper form for beginning weight training and the most effective stretching exercises for your ability level.  This will ensure injuries are kept at a minimum.  It’s important to have one day off between weight lifting to allow muscles to repair from the rigors of weight lifting.

Finally, don’t sabotage a great workout regime with poor food choices.  The single greatest change you can make in your diet is to eliminate fast food meals and sugary sodas. Our bodies and metabolisms are not designed to process large amounts of added sodium and copious amounts of sugar. The side effects are truly deadly. High blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes are just a few of the detriments of consuming large amounts of sugar and sodium. Switch to water flavored with lemon, lime or orange slices. Stock up on fresh vegetables, lean meats and fish at the grocery store. Avoid processed foods with ingredients you can pronounce. Again, our bodies are not designed to process these chemicals. The side effects of a daily exercise regime and healthy food choices are lower blood pressure, lower numbers on the scale and a consistent boost of energy throughout the day!


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